Where do you want your ears? Comparing performance quality as a function of listening position in a virtual jazz band

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Conference Paper


SMC Conference 2011 (2011)


This study explores the benefits of providing musicians with alternative audio rendering experiences while they perform with a virtual orchestra.  Data collection methods included a field study with a large jazz band and a pilot study in which musicians rehearsed using a prototype that presented two different audio rendering perspectives: one from the musician's perspective, and a second from the audience perspective.  The results showed that the choice of audio perspective makes a significant difference in some musicians' performance.  Specifically, for some musicians, e.g., lead trumpet players, an acoustically natural mix results in improved performance, for others, e.g., drummers, it was easier to play along with the artificial "audience" perspective.  These results motivate the inclusion of a music mixer capability in such a virtual rehearsal scenario.

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