Parametric Trombone Synthesis by Coupling Dynamic Lip Valve and Instrument Models

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Conference Paper


SMC Conference 2011 (2011)


In this work, a physics-based model of a trombone coupled to a lip reed is presented, with the parameter space explored for the purpose of real-time sound synthesis.  A highly configurable dynamic lip valve model is reviewed and its parameters discussed within the context of a trombone model.  The trombone model is represented as two separate
parametric transfer functions, corresponding to tapping a waveguide model at both mouthpiece and bell positions, enabling coupling to the reed model as well as providing the instrument's produced sound.  The trombone model comprises a number of waveguide filter elements---propagation loss, reflection at the mouthpiece, and
reflection and transmission at the bell---which may be obtained through theory and measurement.  As oscillation of a lip reed is strongly coupled to the bore, and playability strongly dependent on the bore and bell resonances, it is expected that a change in the parameters of one will require adapting the other.  Synthesis results, emphasizing both interactivity and high-quality sound production are shown for the trombone in both extended and retracted positions, with several example configurations of the lip reed.

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