Sonic Gestures as Input in Human-Computer Interaction: Towards a Systematic Approach

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Conference Paper


Antti Jylhä


SMC Conference 2011 (2011)


While the majority of studies in sonic interaction design (SID) focuses on sound as the output modality of an interactive system, the broad scope of SID includes also the use of sound as an input modality. Sonic gestures can be defined as sound-producing actions generated by a human in order to convey information. Their use as input in computational systems has been studied in several isolated contexts, however a systematic approach to their utility is lacking. In this study, the focus is on general sonic gestures, rather than exclusively focusing on musical ones. Exemplary interactive systems applying sonic gestures are reviewed, and based on previous studies on gesture, the first steps towards a systematic framework of sonic gestures are presented. Here, sonic gestures are studied from the perspectives of typology, morphology, interaction affordances, and mapping. The informational richness of the acoustic properties of sonic gestures is highlighted.

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