SMC Roadmap

Version 1.0 of the Roadmap: The S2S2 Consortium (2007). A Roadmap for Sound and Music Computing. Version 1.0. ISBN: 978-9-08-118961-3. Click Here to Download

The first version of this Roadmap was the result of the S2S2 Coordination Action (project funded by the European Commission during the 6th Framework Programme in the Future and Emergent Technologies).The current text is an outgrowth of that version.

Editors of current version: Nicola Bernardini, Xavier Serra, Marc Leman, Gerhard Widmer, Giovanni De Poli.

Main authors: Nicola Bernardini, Roberto Bresin, Antonio Camurri, Giovanni De Poli, Marc Leman, Davide Rocchesso, Xavier Serra, Vesa Välimäki, Gerhard Widmer.

Main contributors: Federico Avanzini, Emmanuel Bigand, Damien Cirotteau, Alain De Cheveigné, Cumhur Erkut, Werner Göbl, Fabien Gouyon, Philippe Lalitte, Henri Penttinen, Pietro Polotti, Daniel Pressnitzer, Rainer Typke, Gualtiero Volpe.

The current version is now open for comments from the whole SMC community.

Table of Contents