A Multi-timelines Scheduler and a Rehearsal Function for Improving Users' Sensation of Orchestral Conducting with a Conducting System

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Proceedings of the 9th Sound and Music Computing Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, p.290-295 (2012)


The VirtualPhilharmony (VP) system conveys the sensation of conducting an orchestra to a user (a conductor). VP’s performances are created through interaction between the conductor and orchestra, exactly like real performance. ``Concertmaster function’’ has been already implemented by incorporating the heuristics of conducting an orchestra. A precisely predictive scheduler and dynamical template have been designed based on analyses of actual recordings. We especially focused on two more problems to emulate a more real orchestral performance; one was that each note in the template was controlled by single-timeline scheduler; the other was that the interaction and communication between the conductor and the orchestra in repeated practices were not simulated. We implemented ``Multi-timelines scheduler’’ and ``Rehearsal function’’ to resolve these problems.

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