Sound and music computing

AGI14 - VIC - KTH Open House

KTH Royal Institute of Technology - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 22:51

Time: Fri 2014-12-05 15.00 - 19.00

Location: Visualization Studio VIC, KTH

Type of event: Events

Students of Advanced Graphics and Interaction present their projects to an open audience as their final examination in the course.

Berlin almanac on contemporary musical instruments -- Call for contributions

Bergen Center for Electronic Arts - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 18:10

Deadline: 15.11.2014

The 3DMIN project invites authors to contribute to a collection on contemporary musical instruments and related musical practice.
The almanac’s intention is to collect and present as many as possible viewpoints upon the field of contemporary musical instruments.
The pieces forming the alamanc are intended to explain aspects of contemporary musical instruments by forming a body of information of which the reader gains insights and new impulses for her artistic or scientific work.
Questions to be addressed are e.g.

  • What is a contemporary musical instrument?
  • What do you concider as important aspects of a contemporary musical instrument?
  • How does your professional perspective shape your viewpoint on contemporary musical instruments?
  • How does a contemporary musical instrument shape musical practice?

Each author of an essay is asked to select one of the many aspects around contemporary musical instruments and formulate a short piece around it. A collection of subjects for inspiration can be found here. The form of the pieces is, within the boundaries described below, left to the authors.

Submitted pieces will be reviewed, edited and eventually published on a dedicated webpage. Depending on the amount and quality of the submitted material, a printed publication of selected works is planned.

Suggested form of contributions

Submitted pieces should be compiled in a form the single authors finds suitable for the chosen theme. Examples for such a form are: a short essay (about 500 words), a photo collection, a figure, a table, a javascript element, or a combination of them. Sound and video material is highly appreciated. The amount of displayed information should not exceed the size of an A4/letter-format page.
The submission language is english.


Please inform your intention to contribute with information on the subject(s) you intend to cover as soon as possible to

Final contributions should be sent to the same address.

David Wessel 1942-2014

CNMAT, UC at Berkeley - Sat, 10/18/2014 - 17:12
Start: 2014-11-22 20:00 End: 2014-11-22 22:00

Bauer Media - Part of Week 6 Activities

Bauer Media will be coming on campus on 4th November to offer two talks on “Getting in to Media”, for any students interested in Journalism, Marketing, Digital or Radio. Bauer are a very large, high profile employer in the Media sector and own a number of radio stations and magazines such as Heat and Grazia. 
Students need to book in to the event in advance, using the external link below:

They will then need to print off their ticket and bring it with them to the talk. The event will be an open one, so it won’t just be DMU students who are able to attend. Note that the tickets don’t specify the exact location of the talk, which will be Hugh Aston 2.08.

Open Call - Connecting Cities

Bergen Center for Electronic Arts - Thu, 10/16/2014 - 23:34

Connecting Cities is a network of worldwide cultural institutions. The aim is to foster the circulation of artistic and cultural contents throughout European and worldwide urban screens and media facades.
With the curatorial theme of INVISIBLE and VISIBLE Cities 2015 we want to develop an awareness on the changes which are hardly visible to the eyes and are underlying our nowadays cities. Our today’s modern cities are hybrid structures in which technology is invisibly interweaved in the perception layers of our everyday lives.
We call for artistic scenarios to visualise invisible, embedded ‘smart’ urban infrastructures and analyse their impact on the technological transformation of our society in a broad and public discourse.
More information here:
Submit your project proposal until 31 October, 2014 here:

International Web Audio Conference

IRCAM - Thu, 10/16/2014 - 23:00

Conférence sur le web et l'audio à l'Ircam et dans les locaux de Mozilla Paris. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant !

Tim Blechmann: Sine Tempore 3

CCRMA-Stanford University - Thu, 10/16/2014 - 21:39
Date:  Mon, 10/20/2014 - 5:15pm - 6:00pm Location:  CCRMA Classroom, The Knoll 2nd floor, Rm 217 Event Type:  Guest Lecture Sine Tempore deploys massive multichannel synthesis with supercollider.  For several years Tim developed a strong interest in spacial additive synthesis. This work is optimized for Wave Field Synthesis. While realizing compositions, Tim developed a technique to control hundreds of spacially distributed oscillators in space. SuperCollider is used both for audio synthesis and as a composition language. The talk gives a short presentation on the organization of the pieces and some sound examples.

Open to the Public

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Hommage à David Wessel

IRCAM - Tue, 10/14/2014 - 23:00

Acteur majeur de l'informatique musicale, le psychologue, mathématicien et musicien américain fut l'un des pionniers de l'Ircam.

Nous venons d'apprendre avec une grande tristesse le décès de David Wessel. Né en 1942, psychologue, mathématicien et musicien américain, David Wessel a été l'un des principaux acteurs de l'informatique musicale au cours des quarante dernières années. Il a été associé dès 1977 à la création de l'Ircam, qu'il a rejoint en 1979 comme psychoacousticien, responsable du département Pédagogie, puis responsable des Systèmes personnels et développement en 1986. Il a quitté l'Ircam en 1988 pour rejoindre le CNMAT (Center for New Music and Audio Technologies) à l'université de Californie à Berkeley, qu'il a dirigé jusqu'à sa mort. Membre du conseil scientifique de l'Ircam au cours des vingt dernières années, il l'a marqué par sa présence active et sa constante force de proposition.Faisant preuve d'un grand esprit d'ouverture, toujours au fait des dernières avancées scientifiques et technologiques qu'il partageait avec générosité, il a tracé tout au long de sa carrière des voies novatrices dans différents domaines. Ses premiers travaux dans les années 70 à l'université de Michigan sur le contrôle compositionnel du timbre trouvent de nombreuses applications en lien avec les recherches sur les descripteurs audio.  Dans la continuité de ces travaux, il a contribué à la constitution à l'Ircam d'une direction de recherche en psychoacoustique et psychologie cognitive de l'audition, toujours active aujourd'hui. Au milieu des années 80, il a été l'un des premiers à identifier le potentiel d'une micro-informatique naissante, avec l'apparition des Macintosh d'Apple et de la norme MIDI, qu'il a introduite à l'Ircam et qui a révolutionné l'informatique musicale. Coordinateur de l'édition 1984 de l'ICMC (International computer music conference) d'une ampleur particulière, il a contribué à la structuration de cette communauté interdisciplinaire. Ses travaux précurseurs sur les interfaces gestuelles et l'interaction interprète-ordinateur ont par la suite trouvé un large développement, autour de la constitution de la communauté NIME (new instruments for musical expression). Le format OSC, destiné à la communication inter-applications de données structurées sur les réseaux, a été conçu au CNMAT et est devenu un standard largement adopté pour les applications musicales et audio.Le concert Ircam Live du 20 novembre à l’Espace de projection lui sera dédié.

Functional Genomics Workshop

FRI - News and Events - Tue, 10/14/2014 - 23:00

We are hosting star scientists from The Donnely Center and US for two-day workshop.

CNMAT mourns the loss of Professor David Wessel

CNMAT, UC at Berkeley - Tue, 10/14/2014 - 22:27
Start: 2014-10-17 13:00 End: 2014-10-17 18:00

MTI Mix 1 - Concert Pace 1 Wednesday 22nd October 7pm

We launch our 15th Birthday Season in the traditional way celebrating our members great success over the last year.

Ben Ramsay Reload - Refract – Repeat
Ben completed his doctorate with MTI last year with these pieces which cross over between electronica and acousmatics.
Panos Amelides The Olympic Games Piece
Panos continues his explorations of electroacoustic storytelling.
Simon Atkinson interiorities viii
A new work in the interiorities series from the master of sustained and intricate atmosphere.
Elliott Murray Chop Boss In Action
Elliott (third year MTI BA student) won Spotify’s Midihack contest in Stockholm in June with his own Max-based instrument the Chop Boss. Check out Youtube for a preview.
All welcome! Entry Free!
This is the first concert for the reports for assessments for MUST1009, MUST2003, MUST2007 - also essential for MUST3000/3024 Projects and dissertations.

Matt Hoffman on a Learned Source-Filter Model of Speech

CCRMA-Stanford University - Tue, 10/14/2014 - 06:04
Date:  Fri, 10/17/2014 - 11:00am - 12:30pm Location:  CCRMA Seminar Rooom Event Type:  Hearing Seminar We propose the product-of-filters (PoF) model, a generative model that decomposes audio spectra as sparse linear combinations of "filters" in the log-spectral domain. PoF makes similar assumptions to those used in the classic homomorphic filtering approach to signal processing, but replaces hand-designed decompositions built of basic signal processing operations with a learned decomposition based on statistical inference. When applied to speech, PoF discovers a source-filter representation of speech, despite its lack of any explicit prior knowledge about the mechanisms of vocalization. The PoF model can be used as a prior in more complicated models, permitting applications to problems such as dereverberation and bandwidth expansion.


FREE Open to the Public

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Code Week’s First Workshops

FRI - News and Events - Mon, 10/13/2014 - 23:00

Our faculty has been overrun by participants of the first Code Week workshops.

RoBoat Promotional Video

FRI - News and Events - Mon, 10/13/2014 - 23:00

Within the framework of the “A Creative Path to Knowledge” RoBoat programme, FRI and FE students developed specialized computer vision methods for autonomous navigation of a robot vessel produced by HarphaSea.

Galata Electroacoustic Orchestra at La Biennale di Venezia 2014

MTG (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) - Mon, 10/13/2014 - 16:08

Last year the MTG participated on the project Galata Electroacoustic Orchestra (GEO), European Erasmus Intensive Programme, and as a resul

More Information:  La Biennale program

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Leicester Media School launch celebration

On Wednesday 5 November, DMU will be hosting an afternoon of special lectures and networking to celebrate the launch of De Montfort University’s Leicester Media School (of which MTI and MTP are a part).The event will include guest of honour Terry Bamber, a film production manager and Assistant Director who has worked on World War Z and the last six James Bond films.The Showcase event, starting at 3pm, is a great chance for MTI and MTP students to find out what students are doing in the other programmes in LMS — and perhaps find some collaborators!The order of events is:1.30pm Arrival1.45pm Official Opening, Bede Island, DMU campus2pm Special guest lecture by Terry Bamber3pm Leicester Media School showcase4pm Reception Trinity House, DMU campusBooking is essential, as places are limited. Please visit or call 0116 257 7500 to confirm your attendance and tell us of any dietary requirements. 

BEK at Ekko — Bergen Electronic Music and Art Festival

Bergen Center for Electronic Arts - Mon, 10/13/2014 - 10:11

Two commissioned works by BEK at this years Ekko Festival: Asbjørn Flø with Ratkje, Rishaug & Tafjord – ‘Analogikk’ and Stephan Meidell with Birk Nygaard – ‘Dialogues’

The festival also presents exhibition works supported by BEK: «Dialogues Proglogues» by Stephan Meidell & Birk Nygaard and «Mayhem Machine» by Marieke Verbiesen.

Festival start is 17. October

Flø, Ratkje, Rishaug, Tafjord «Analogikk» (N)

Clear your schedule and mark this date in your calendars. Why, you ask? Well: Four of Norway’s most important composers in the last decade will perform together on this special night. Asbjørn Flø is behind a series of sound installations, traditional compositions and explorations of the possibilities of electronic music – at home and abroad. While colleague Alexander Rishaugveien for many years has operated at the intersection of glitch, contemporary music and ambient, with album releases on Asphodel and Smalltown Supersound.

Hild Sofie Tafjord and Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje has been experimenting with noise music and improvisation in Fe-mail and spunk, but also pushed musical boundaries individually. In 2001, Kjelstrup Ratkje was awarded the Arne Nordheim Composer Award, and she has contributed in over 70 albums but is best known for his improvised voice art.

The four meet to perform Flø’s piece «Analogikk» based on an «archaeological» and self made electronic musical instrument consisting of analog circuits. The music will combine compositional ideas from contemporary music’s great pioneers, such as Stockhausen and Iannis Xenakis, but will also take on the inspiration of modern particle physics and the romantic landscape paintings. Exactly how it will sound, however, no one knows until it is started.

The piece «Analogikk» is a new commission ordered and produced in collaboration with BEK.

Meidell & Nygaard ‘Dialogues’
Earlier this year guitarist and composer Stephan Meidell released the album “Cascades” (Hubro), where he improvised music by interacting with various rooms in Bergen. Architecture, reverberation and temperature affected the compositions he created on the electric guitar.

During this year’s EKKO Meidell takes his concept one step further; This time, he also brings a computer, for a work called “Dialogues”. Accompanying him is the multimedia sculptor Birk Nygaard, who will create a visuals to the music, based on signals from Meidell’s machine. This time the dialogue will therefore assume analog, digital, visual and musical forms.

The piece «Dialogues» is a new commission ordered and produced in collaboration with BEK.

Both commissioned works are supported by Art Council Norway

Festival exhibition:
«Dialogues Proglogues» Stephan Meidell & Birk Nygaard

Nygaard and Meidell explores the intersection between fragility and precision – both aesthetically and technically – and the unpredictability that occurs when the analog is controlled digitally. In this installation the multimedia sculptor Birk Nygaard exhibits two wall clocks, programmed to interact with music from Meidell. The work is commissioned by BEK, and is performed in its entirety in concert format last Saturday during the festival.

“Mayhem Machine» Marieke Verbiesen
“Mayhem Machine” is an audiovisual instrument that allows one to compose, play and destroy by using its image plane, and then designing the new narratives by adopting sound, light, physical objects and animated video. The work is inspired by the “Instruments of the Future” by Giles Holst in “Poeme Electronique” at the World Exhibition in Brussels in 1958. The sounds are composed of Bærtur by Ketil Mosnes. The project is co-produced by BEK.

Third work at the exhibition is “A Voyage to Arcturus” by Two Ruins

The exhibition is in collaboration with Lydgalleriet.


OCTOBER 17th – 25th

The EKKO festival for electronic music and art kicks off at Østre and at Korskirken on October 17th and lasts over two weekends until the 25th. This year’s programme includes Nils Frahm’s explorations of the pianos sonic possibilities, Future Brown’s clash of genres, Shackleton’s resonant drones, Andreas Tilliander’s project TM404, and 80s synth pop from Finland by Jaakko Eino Kalevi. And Dj Harvey.

EKKO is known for it’s artistic profile who pushes the traditional boundaries, and the fine balance between music, art, and visuals. Every year the festival presents a piece of music specially commissioned for the festival. This year’s commission work is signed Biosphere and Skatebård, two pioneers who have worked in quite different corners of the Norwegian electronic music scene, and belong to their own generation, but with mutual respect and admiration for the art and for each other’s work.

The festival programme represents a mix between both local and international acts, and between more established artists as well as some up and coming artists.

TM404 (S)




For complete artist presentations and the playing schedule visit
Gallery from Ekko no. 10 on Flickr

Ticket information
Buy tickets here:

Day pass on days with two venues:
Østre & Korskirken, Friday, Oct 24th: 300,- + fee

Day passes at Østre:
Friday Oct 17th: 280,- + fee
Saturday Oct 18th: 280,- + fee
Wednesday Oct 22nd: 150,- + fee
Thursday Oct 23rd: 90,- + fee
Friday Oct 24th: 280,- + fee
Saturday Oct 25th: 280,- + fee

Single concerts/ concerts packages
(some early night concerts, not including club programme from 21/22.30):
Nils Frahm,
Korskirken, Friday Oct 24th: 250,- + fee.
Suzanne Ciani + Neotantrik, and Stephan Meidell, Birk Nygaard «Dialogues»,
Østre, Saturday Oct 25th: 150,- + fee.

The exhibition opening plus Flø, Ratjke, Rishaug, Tafjord «Analogikk» on opening night Friday Oct 17th (18:30 – 21:00) is for free.

Time and place:
  • Østre - 17/10/2014 to 25/10/2014

Musikkteknologidagene 2014

Bergen Center for Electronic Arts - Mon, 10/13/2014 - 08:03

Institutt for Rytmisk Musikk ved Universitet i Agder ønsker velkommen til Musikkteknologidagene 2014, som i år vil foregå i Kristiansand 6. og 7. november.

SAK-prosessen vil igjen stå sentralt under Musikkteknologidagene, men det vil også være tid til et faglig program.

Vi tar gjerne imot bidrag til programmet, av faglig eller kunstnerisk karakter.

De som ønsker bidra kan melde fra om dette til Jon Marius Aareskjold ( som er ansvarlig for det faglige innholdet sammen med Alexander Jensenius. Det legges ikke noen spesielle føringer for temaer, men innlegg som tar for seg undervisning i Musikkteknologi er spesielt velkomne.

Seminarene vil foregå på UiAs campus og vil starte ca klokken 11 på torsdag og være ferdig ca klokken 16 på fredag. Det vil bli konserter og felles middag på torsdag kveld. Hotellpartner er Hotell Norge. Avtalepris oppnås ved å referere til Musikkteknologidagene.

Nærmere informasjon om program vil komme etterhvert.

Dette er en «åpen invitasjon». Dersom noen vet om andre som kan ha interesse av å være med på musikkteknologidagene er det bare å videresende invitasjonen.

Vi ser frem til å være vertskap for dere!


Bergen Center for Electronic Arts - Mon, 10/13/2014 - 08:02


RE-CREATE 2015 The 10th anniversary and sixth international conference on the histories of Media, Art Science and Technology

Hexagram, Concordia University and Université du Québec à Montréal in collaboration with Media@McGill and CIRMMT- McGill Montréal, Canada. 5-8 November 2015 Re-Create CFP Submission Site

Re-Create 2015, the sixth international Conference on the Histories of Media, Art Science and Technology will mark the 10th Anniversary of the Re conference series. Re-Create 2015 is devoted to exploring what theories, methodologies and techniques can be used to understand past, present and indeed, future paradigms of creative material practice involving technologies within research contexts from a historical and critical point of view.

The title Re-Create is an abbreviation for the term “research-creation”, part of a growing international movement which goes by many names: “practice-led research,” “research-led practice,” and “artistic research,” among others.

While the link between research and practice seems to be a new horizon, the media-based arts have long been at the intersection of the humanities, sciences, and engineering and present a critical site in which to take up the changing relationships between knowledge, power, and economy.

Research normally signifies modes of acquiring new knowledge that coherently and systematically advance a field and is grounded and validated by both social frameworks (peers) and existing bodies of knowledge. Similarly, research in conjunction with material practice demands that making be historically, theoretically and methodologically framed and valorized.

Re-Create 2015 seeks to interrogate the historical entanglement of research and making within a wide and diverse set of international sites, disciplines and contexts: from non-institutional creative research initiatives driven by artists and designers in the streets, to the labyrinths of industry funded research labs and universities. From unknown or ignored histories of research-based practices in Latin America, Asia and Indigenous communities to government funded initiatives, the conference will thus critically explore the ongoing and productive tensions between theory, method and making in the histories of media, art, science and technology.

Potential contributors to the conference should focus thematic panel sessions or individual papers on one of the following areas of concentration:

  • LAB STUDIES : Studies on how artists and designers have historically worked in industry, universities and collective, grass roots-based research environments
  • CURATORIAL ACTIONS AND PRACTICES : How have research paradigms historically entered into curatorial practices and how have they been framed, exhibited and articulated?
  • ANTI-INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH : Historical profiles of non-institutionally based research-driven explorations.
  • THEORETICAL FRAMEWORKS : How have theoretical paradigms in media, art, science and technology historically evolved structuralism in the 1960s or media studies to current work in affect theory, media archaeology, critical post-humanist approaches derived from STS, appropriation and remix aesthetics, feminist new materialism, queer and postcolonial studies, enactive and distributed cognition?
  • METHODOLOGIES : What can methodological tools emerging from the human and social sciences like ethnography, historiography, archaeology, genealogy and other qualitative techniques provide to the historical and critical positioning of practice?
  • INTERDISCIPLINARY INTERSECTIONS AND IMPACTS : Exploration of the formation and rise of interdisciplinary research fields (image science, sound studies, science studies, sensory studies, environmental studies) and their impact on the construction of media art histories.
  • DIGITAL HUMANITIES : What is the historical relationship between the digital humanities and the histories of media, art, science and technology?
  • SITES: How historically have sites of research and practice in media art, science and technology evolved outside of the predominant spheres of Europe and North America and what forms have they taken?


The conference program will include competitively selected peer-reviewed individual papers, panel presentations and poster sessions as well as a number of keynotes and invited speakers and a parallel satellite program of events with Hexagram partners including core cultural institutions in Montreal. In the interest of maintaining a concentrated conference program, there will be a series of plenary sessions as well as accompanying poster sessions. Each of the plenaries as well as the poster sessions will mix together scholars and practitioners representing different cultural perspectives. The conference will be held in English and French, with live translation.


Re-Create 2015 welcomes contributions from researchers, artists, designers, scholars and technologists working across diverse disciplines, sites and practices. We particularly encourage scholars and creators from international contexts outside of Europe and North America.


The conference will take place in Montreal hosted by Hexagram, the international network for media, art, design and digital culture ( It is the largest network of its kind in Canada and one of the largest internationally dedicated to research-led creative practices. Ten years after the inaugural Re-Fresh conference at the Banff New Media Institute in 2005, the return of the conference to Canada and specifically to Quebec, offers a pertinent context to address the evolution of research in the histories of media, art, science and technology ( conference will be held across the two core Hexagram sites at Concordia University and the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). The venues are within walking distance from each other, centrally located in vibrant, downtown Montreal – the digital arts and culture capital of North America.


250 word abstracts of proposals, panel presentations and posters should be submitted in either Text, RTF, Word or PDF formats. Texts can be submitted in French and in English. The DEADLINE for submissions is December 7, 2014. Submitters will be informed by mid February 2015. INFORMATION about the submission process and general information can be found at: Re-Create Submission Site

Conference partners include Media@McGill, CIRMMT-McGill, Cinémathèque québécoise, DHC-Art, Elektra/ACREQ, Goethe-Institut Montreal and others to be announced.

Conference chairs and Hexagram Co-Directors: Chris Salter, artist, Concordia University Research Chair and Associate Professor, Design and Computation Arts, Concordia University (QC/CA/US/DE) and Gisèle Trudel (QC/CA), artist and professor, École des arts visuels et médiatiques, Université du Québec à Montréal.

Re-Create Local Organizing Committee: Thierry BARDINI, Barbara CLAUSEN, Ricardo DAL FARRA, Jean DUBOIS, Jean GAGNON, Alice JIM, Jason LEWIS, Jonathan LESSARD, Louise POISSANT, Chris SALTER, Cheryl SIM, Jonathan STERNE, Alain THIBAULT, Gisele TRUDEL, Marcelo WANDERLEY Re-Create 2015

International Advisory Board: Marie-Luise ANGERER, Monika BAKKE, Samuel BIANCHINI, Georgina BORN, Andreas BROECKMANN, Annick BUREAUD, Michael CENTURY, Joel CHADABE, Dooeun CHOI, Ian CLOTHIER, Sarah COOK, Nina CZEGLEDY, Sara DIAMOND, Diane DOMINGUES, Jean Paul FOURMENTRAUX, Sébastien GENVO, Orit HALPERN, Jens HAUSER, Denisa KERA, Felipe César LONDONO, Natalie LOVELESS, Glenn LOWRY, Rafael LOZANO-HEMMER, Roger MALINA, Sally Jane NORMAN, Nicolas NOVA, Jussi PARIKKA, Christiane PAUL, Simon PENNY, Andrew PICKERING, Sundar SARRUKAI, Yukiko SHIKATA, Michel VAN DARTEL, ZHANG GA, Ionat ZURR

MAH Honorary Board: Douglas DAVIS, Jasia REICHARDT, Itsuo SAKANE, Peter WEIBEL MAH

Conference Series Board: Sean CUBITT, Oliver GRAU, Linda HENDERSON, Erkki HUHTAMO, Douglas KAHN, Martin KEMP, Machiko KUSAHARA, Tim LENOIR, Gunalan NADARAJAN, Paul THOMAS

Our Professor Janez Demšar Received an Award for Ongoing Research Achievements

FRI - News and Events - Sun, 10/12/2014 - 23:00

The Faculty of Computer and Information Science we would like to congratulate our colleague Janez Demšar for receiving an award for ongoing research achievements at the Information Society multi-conference.

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