About SMCNetwork

The SMCNetwork.org portal is hosted by the Music Technology Group of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona as a service to the whole SMC community.

This initiative was started as an outcome of the S2S² EU project and it is now under the supervision of the SMC board.

Stay connected!

If you want to be updated on SMC activities, subscribe to the mailing list of SMCNETWORK by sending an email to mtg-info@upf.edu or directly through this link using your gmail address account.


You can also subscribe to our facebook page.


SMC Board

President                              Stefania Serafin

Conference Coordinator         Federico Avanzini          

Summer School Coordinator   Romain Michon

Communication Coordinator   Amalia De Goetzen

Web Coordinator                   Fotis Moschos

Music Coordinator                 Juraj Kojs

Exhibitions Coordinator Spencer Topel

The SMC Steering Committee includes members from several European countries:

Myriam Desainte-Catherine
Dominique Fober
Gérard Assayag
Yann Orlarey
Davide Rocchesso
Ricardo Dapello
Federico Avanzini
Pietro Polotti
Anastasia Georgaki
Ioannis Zannos
Michael Harenberg
Martin Supper
Stefan Weinzierl
Martin Schüttler
Xavier Serra
Emilia Gomez
Fabien Gouyon
Carlos Guedes
Alvaro Barbosa
Stefania Serafin
Jan Larsen
Roberto Bresin
United Kingdom
Simon Dixon